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Re: [IP] Re:not regulated yet

Blanton wrote:
> Frank,
> Yes, that is right- my insulin was reduced by 75% and I was told that I didn't need the rest and it was causing me to have a high risk of heart attach.  So, they said I would have good control because the
> resistance would end.  I saw the rates on the web but at this time I have to follow them until i am under control.  I have always given myself the proper dose as I used to be on Ulta lente 2x day and take
> humalog to cover for meals.  The small doses i started with would hardly lower my sugars.
> I am not sure how long I will be patient and continue to be a passive patient in my dosages.  It is hard!

Sounds like incredibly poor treatment to me. They are saying you MUST 
get the insulin dose down immediately because you started using a pump? 
Sorry, it really doesn't work that way, if at all. The basic thing is 
that good control by using the PROPER amount of insulin or whatever 
medication works is the key to getting good health. Until you have 
good basic health you won't get the doses down. 

The pump is very powerful for giving good control which will definitely
reduce your heart risk and other possible complications ONCE control
is achieved. Sounds like "they" need to understand the basics, because 
they are totally ignoring them now!

I understand your frustration with this situation. My way of dealing with
foolishness from doctors is to ignore it. I set my own doses as well as
possible based on tests at hand, and have done so for more than 30 years
f the almost 43 years I've hade Type 1 diabetes. Before that I was a
bit you, you see, since I was diagnosed at age 5 and really took full
control in my teenage years.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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