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Re: [IP] Bolusing

At 06:27 AM 4/6/1999  footprnt wrote:
>Being a new pumper, I have a couple of questions.
>1. It appears to me that the Idea is to Bolus everytime we eat something. no
>matter how big a meal or small a snack.  Which is different than with
>Injections.  Is this a correct assumption?

Since your basals are supposed to be set to hold your BG's level, you need 
to bolus for any carbohydrates that you eat. It makes no difference what 
you call it (a meal or a snack), a carb is a carb. Don't worry about 
minuscule amounts of carbs... just anything large enough to raise your BGs.

>2. My Endo has given me a scale of Bolus amounts to administer based on the
>b/s level at the time.  I'm still experimenting but my factor appears to be
>7 or 6.5.   how does this factor relate to the bolus amounts he gave me??
>For example... a b/s of, say, 9.2; he says bolus 9 units, if my meal is say
>56 carbs and applying a factor of 7 that =8 units. which is correct??

I think you may be confusing two separate issues. First, the amount of a 
bolus to cover a given amount of carbohydrates. Second, the amount of a 
bolus to reduce a high BG level. Those numbers will usually be different. 
For me, I use 1u for every 15g of carb and I use 1u to bring down my BG 30 

Personally, I wouldn't try to get too precise in these numbers... round 
them up to whole numbers (makes them easier to use). For me, at least, 
there are too many variables to make these numbers any more than good 
educated guesses based on personal experience.


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