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Re: [IP] Re:not regulated yet

Blanton wrote:
> I have been on the pump a few weeks now and hoped to have broken my
> resistance to the very large doses of insulin I have been taking.  So far, I
> am still in the high 200's to mid 300's all day and night.  My DE has upped
> my basal rateds every day but I am starting to really feel awful.  How long
> does it usually take to get controlled in a similar situation?  I started on
> 1/4  of my regular dose and am now up to half.  I was told I would never
> need/take my previously high doses again but here i am feeling lousy.

Seems like you are overdoing the cut. As I remember it most people say
they cut their dosage something like 35 to 40%, at least when they bein 
pumping, so it seems your are expecting too much too soon. Please learn
to adjust your dose to correct the bg level, not by using an
arbitrary number or percentage difference. Once you get reasonable 
levels you may well find the dose getting to be more like you expected,
but I think you need to get to that point first.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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