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Re: [IP] Altitude and Pumping-Skiing

email @ redacted wrote:
>      I asked my rep before the trip what to do about altitude and the pump
> and he told me not to worry about it.  Wrong answer!  When filling my
> reservoir the insulin came squirting back out with great force.  I should
> have trusted my instincts and followed the advice of filling a syringe on an
> airplane, injecting half of the air needed.  Does anyone know if this is a
> good formula for filling the reservoir in high altitudes as well?

Yes, sort of. Thing is that airliners pressurize their planes to (I think)
an equivalent of 10,000 feet atmospheric pressure. So if you are <AT> 10,000
feet, more or less, this would work. It's pretty much proportional since
air pressure decreases proportionally to height.

It's purely a question of pressure difference between the sealed vial and
the air pressure we live in. Besides what you said it might also be useful 
to take a syringe without a plucnger in it, or just the needle alone, and 
push it down into the upright bottle (rubber side up, that is) This will 
equalize out the basic pressure difference BEFORE you compound the problem by 
adding more air.......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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