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[IP] Erica's 3 Week Pump Check..

I am sure you are all sick of hearing how great Erica is doing.  It is
hard to keep all that joy in....plus who better to share it with than
all our pumping friends.   BUT..this story is different!

Murphy's Law came into affect today, the morning of Erica's 3 week post
pump check.  For the FIRST time in 21 days we DID NOT do a middle of the
night reading, Erica woke up at  318,  7:15 in the morning.  Due at the
husband had stayed home from work to go to the hospital with us, Thank
God, because I would have been bananas without him to help me.  The site
had crimped as Erica had obviously hit the infusion set prior to going
to bed with a good deal of force and had moved it so that the cannula
had bent where it leaves that connecting thingy. (her blood sugar at
11:30pm was 94)  Anyway, we left almost 20 mins late and headed to the
hospital.  Traffic wasn;t too busy but just as we were approaching the
ramp to the bridge we noticed men were putting down traffic cones and a
DETOUR sign.  One minute earlier and we would have been through!
Arrrgh.  Took the detour, got to the hospital a bit late, but traffic to
the underground parking was lined up.  My hubbie swung around, dropped
us off at the main doors and Erica and I flew down the hall to the
elevator arriving 10 minutes late...pant...pant...pant.
Then....her sugars went UP and UP to 459!  (Finally we saw a downturn
before lunch and now she is back to those sweet numbers that we are
getting so accustomed to seeing).
The CDE was laughing because everything was going SO wrong today but
our records were terrific and showed that it was not the norm.  I write
EVERYTHING down, it pays.  She said it was obviously one of those days,
commended us on how we were handling everything, (including our
disasterous morning)&  made Erica feel great about pumping. After
meeting with various other medical professionals we made our way home.
Sugars were fine, I was exhausted and Erica was just wondering if she
could have icecream!  So what started out as a disastour ended up pretty
good.  Another step in the learning process.  Erica is out playing and
me, ....I need a real good night's sleep...and maybe some icecream too.

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