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Re: [IP] supplies

> I am kind of confused about the supplies for the pump.  I just
> called the company that I will be ordering from to get prices and
> they said they sell combination sets of 10 needles and 5 tubing.  I
> asked for prices on the silhouettes.  Are the needles the actual
> silhouettes? 
This type of set is sold under 3 brand names:
Tenders, Comforts Sets, Silhouettes

They come in packages of 10 set/ 10 tubes and 10 sets/ 5 tubes.
The latter is my preferance.

> Also which length of tubing do most people prefer? 
> They have 24" and 41".  Am I asking for the right thing?
Ask MM or D (who ever you got your pump from) for a couple of samples
of both tube lengths and try them before ordering a bunch. 64% of
surveyed pumpers use the long tube. See the ABOUT page of the web
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