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[IP] Altitude and Pumping-Skiing

	I successfully managed to ski while pumping and I'd only been pumping 
for 6 weeks. I believe my basal rates were fairly accurate, but I was still 
nervous.  I did a temporary basal rate for the period that I was active and a 
couple of hours afterward.  I tested often, purchased the hand warmers to 
keep my test strips warmer in my case, but didn't need them for spring 
skiing.  I used the Minimed belt and case(forgot the name) and wore the pump 
inside my bibs.  All went well with reducing my basal rate by two points and 
bolusing lightly for food consumption. A lift operator noticed me fiddling 
with it and pulled me aside to ask questions.  He wanted to know why I wore 
an I.D. attatched to my jacket and I told him about my pumping.  He was an 
EMT ,was not very familiar with it and incredibly curious.  It made me 
realize that I should carry a small instruction card for suspension with my 
     I asked my rep before the trip what to do about altitude and the pump 
and he told me not to worry about it.  Wrong answer!  When filling my 
reservoir the insulin came squirting back out with great force.  I should 
have trusted my instincts and followed the advice of filling a syringe on an 
airplane, injecting half of the air needed.  Does anyone know if this is a 
good formula for filling the reservoir in high altitudes as well?
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