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[IP] The cheesecake thing!!

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 18:22:15 -0300
From: Duck And Barb <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re wrong sugar reading/cherry cheesecake?

This actually has nothing to do with Erica for a change.  But we are
still doing fantastically GREAT!  Three week check Tuesday morning...
I read on one of the digests a little while back about a young lady who
thought she was going low but after checking on her monitor it actually
showed a high sugar and she bolused. ( I tried looking back to find it,
but gave up).  Anyway, after she bolused to cover the high blood sugar,
she felt worse and did another reading which showed she was Very low.
She was up all night trying to keep her sugars up and her boyfriend and
CDE were helping her.   I have been thinking about that one, and she
mentioned that she had eaten Cherry Cheesecake, or something like that.
I have heard that sugar on the fingers can actually show up in your BG
reading.  Is that true?  I guess I am just trying to come up with a
sensible reason for why that might have happened.  We use the same blood
kit and I would hate to think that it could be so out of whack for no
Any input..


Our endo actually did that in the office with us once.She made chris check 
BEFORE washing his hands and then again AFTER. There was a difference of 
70mg/dl on his meter!!

About two weeks ago Chris' meter registered hi and I pulled out his pen and 
was getting ready to give him an injection and change out his set.Then I 
remembered this demonstratiblood sugar was 150. I rechecked at the same time on his sister's meter and 
it was 148, so i trusted the second reading. I learned a valuable lesson: 
never react too quickly without double checking the meter. It's a mechanical 
device and it's NOT 100% accurate all the time!

BTW, I'm glad to hear that Erica is doing so wonderfully!! Chris(our 8 yo)has 
been pumping for alomost 10 months now and he wouldn't trade it for the world!


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