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[IP] Alternative Medicine

In a message dated 05 Apr 1999 19:31:06, email @ redacted writes:
I found your message to be very interesting. Are you taking anything to
prevent or treat retinopathy?  What does your Chinese doctor use to
this complication?

Andrea, I haven't discussed it with my Chinese doctor, however my
"holistic first" M.D. has me on many anti-oxidant formulas to
slow/prevent the complications of diabetes.
You may want to look up in "Diabetes Interview" (monthly publication),
the article last month (3/99) entitled "Leading Prescription for
Retinopathy in France unknown in United States".  True to life story of
an IDD for 45 yrs. who reversed his particular retinopathy by the use of
the antioxidant "pycnogenal".  I've been using it for several yrs.
myself, but I don't know that my holistic M.D. is even aware of this
link.  The article is on page 17 and is quite informative.
Hope this helps.
Debbie Leaper

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