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[IP] testing, pump training, marks, and tubing

> pancreas transplants Cost for surgery is between $60,000 -$80,000 and $5,000 -
> $10,000 yearly for immunosuppressive drugs.

If this isn't enough reason for insurance companies to get off their butts and cover costs for
pumps, bg strips, and other preventative measures, I'm not sure what is.  Sheesh!

> I have heard that sugar on the fingers can actually show up in your BG
> reading.  Is that true?

Yes, it could.  If I get a reading that seems weird or doesn't match the way I'm feeling, I
always wash my hands, turn off the meter, then retest.  Of course, that particular reading could
have been off for other reasons as well.

> I really don't see the need to train with saline
> either.  The pump doesn't appear that it is that hard to use.

I didn't.  In fact, I was trained by another woman who is an experienced pump user, not anyone
from the medical field.  My Minimed rep and CDE set it up, the woman came to my house, showed me
what to do, helped me get hooked up, and went on her merry way.  I did rely on frequent calls to
my CDE in the following few weeks, mostly to go over blood sugars and check in.

> I have a red dot
> about the size of a pencil point. I believ it is caused from the needle
> going in orginally( i use soft set) is this suppose to happen and how
> long should it last.

Mine usually fade totally in about a week, but I think this varies greatly from person to
person.  I use a little Neosporin on the site if it is particularly irritated.

>    Also the tubing is so long, what can you do with it.

I'd suggest buying the sets with 24" tubing instead of 42".  I have used both and find the
shorter tubing much easier to handle.


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