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[IP] Meow!

OK-since someone brought up interesting uses for tubing, I have to relate a story about
tubing.  I have talked to at least one other person who has had this experience and am
curious about the rest of you.

In the 3 years I've been pumping, I have only had to change a set prematurely about 7
times--a couple times for unexplained high blood sugars, once recently when the tubing
spontaneously disconnected from the rest of the set. The bulk of my unplanned set
changes, however, have been when my cat has gotten in bed with me and chewed through the
tubing!  Only one of my two cats does this, and it's quite disconcerting to wake up with
the gnawed end of your SofSet dangling out of your belly and a blood sugar of 258.  Even
on the hottest summer nights, I now sleep with covers over at least my midsection and
one eye out for the dastardly feline.  Pet lovers, beware.

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