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[IP] Breakdown of Starch

I have to comment on your explanation of starch digestion:

>Nope, I disagree. Starch is broken down by saliva into glucose
>immediately. No further digestion is required. Other complex forms of
>sugar (like sucrose) take up to 2 hours to be converted to glucose by
>digestion in the stomach.

The thing is, salivary amylase does start the breakdown of starch
immediately, but it only breaks it down to smaller fragments.  It results in
smaller sugar chains (ie. disaccharides and trisaccharides, including
sucrose, but not glucose yet!).  The enzyme amylase will work for about 1-2
hours until the stomach acid makes it inactive.  There isn't enough
amylase in the saliva to digest a lot, so pancreatic enzymes take care of
the rest of the sugar digestion.  This happens in the small intestine.

Lactose and sucrose, among others are broken down into simple sugars in the
small intestine by their respective enzymes!  They are then small enough to
be absorbed.

I've studied this in my metabolism courses.  It is extremely complex, and
even the above info is extremely simplified.


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