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Re: [IP] Has anyone else had this problem

email @ redacted wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem.  I have tape and
> Latex allergies.  I use to use the quick release and polyskin then I went off
> the pump because i was getting blisters.  I went back on with the comfort
> (tenders or siloettes)  but I'm getting the blisters agian.  I've tried the
> skin and iv preps but they just make it worse.  I cleanse my skin with
> hibacleanse and alcohol before hand.  And then the adhesive remover and lemon
> juice afterward.  I use to only keep my sites for two days but this is now
> happening after a half a day.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I don't want to
> go back to shots and give up the control i have now.

I believe I've heard about this before, and am relying on memory, o this may not 
be totally correct. As I remember it the "O" rings on your MiniMed syringes are
made of latex, which contaminates the insulin andit affects you when the 
contamination gets into the site..........

If so, then you need a different kind of syringe, but they aren't available.
Unfortunately the only way around it (f I'm right) is to get a Disetronics pump
with a glass cartridge.

I would check this with MiniMed directly, though before taking action.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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