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Re: [IP] insulins

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> FDA also approves the pharmacueticals and medical devices and what can and
> cannot be used in them.

Not really. The FDA approves a medicine or medical devise for use by humans.
What a doctor does with it after that point is his own responsibility, but
it is NOT ruled out by the FDA. If they haven't tested a drug or device in
a different use or combination, then they just haven't tested it.......

These tests are expensive and time consuming, plus the FDA has only so much 
in resources, so it's left open-ended as a matter of course. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

> At 09:10 AM 4/5/99 , you wrote:
> >Well, what does the FDA approval mean anyway?  They are only interested in
> >the safety of the drug, and Humalog is already approved for that.   The FDA
> >hasn't approved humalog for use in those new 31 g syringes either.  So?
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