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Re: [IP] Humalog and Pregnancy (was RE: insulins)

On  5 Apr 99 at 11:42, Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR wrote:

> 4)The New England Journal of Medicine -- October 2, 1997 -- Vol. 337, No. 14
> Possible Adverse Fetal Effect of Insulin Lispro
> http://www.nejm.org/content/1997/0337/0014/1009.asp
> <snip>
> The report of the two infants with congenital abnormalities raises the
> possibility that insulin lispro has embryotoxic actions. We cannot rule out
> other potential causes of the abnormalities in these babies, (2) but we do not
> believe that suboptimal glycemic control contributed to the poor fetal
> outcome. <snip>

This report in NEJM has been criticized for being more of an anecdotal report 
than a research report.  That out of the way, there isn't any real research 
that relates to the issue beyond the idea that optimal glycemic control is best 
during pregnancy.  Humalog isn't approved for anyone except adults either... 
but that doesn't stop it from being used with children...  It's one of those 
things that would require a lot of money to "get approved" and as long as 
doctors are prescribing it without approval and people are using it without 
problems it probably won't be approved in the near future...

Randall P. Winchester
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