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Re: [IP] insulins

"Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR" wrote:

> Velosulin is what I use.  It is basically buffered R.  It is also the only
> insulin that women either pregnant or planning pregnancy should use because
> of unexplained birth defects when some women used Humalog.

That's only partly true.  Whether or not humalog or velosulin is safer depends
on which prenatal program, endo, or CDE you ask (I spent a while asking).
There is some evidence of unexplained birth defects with humalog, although the
incidence is pretty low.  However, some doctors etc say there are miscarriages
& etc from using velosulin b/c it takes so long to correct a high and control
is less exact.  Its hard to figure out which set of risks is higher.  Probably
depends a good deal on the kind of  control you can get with velosulin.

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