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RE: [IP] insulins

> Do you mind if I askwhere you got your sources from?  I am prenant
> and into my second trimester and have been using Humalog for 2 years
> now and have never heard of anything regarding birth defects. I am
> confident that my doctor would have informed me of this when I first
> told him I was pregnant if this were the case.

Don't get excited. Many, many women have used Humalog and been 
pregnant. Several of these are on the mail list. There is a report 
on two women (note, ONLY two - this is not a study) in "The New 
England Journal of Medicine" -- October 2, 1997 -- Vol. 337, No. 14, 
raising a question because the women had used Humalog during their 
pregnancy. The abnormalities could easily have been from other 
causes. No conclusions are drawn in the article..

Read the full text of the article yourself. There is a link on the 
LINKS page of the web site.

"Possible Adverse Fetal Effect of Insulin Lispro"
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