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Re: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus no

I use the sqaure wave bolus..and I don't eat coated chicken and potatos every
day. I do eat frosted flakes and milk a few times per week.
Right now I had teeth pulled and am not able to eat and have swallowing
so now foods have to be mushed. I eat potaoes and veggies..meat is hard to
mush. and soups and pasta now for awhile til my mouth heals and I eat a MM
Mcflurry 2 times a week..that is my treat
And I don't eat huge portions. I plan for what I eat..I have found I have not
had to give up that much. 

At 04:10 PM 4/5/99 , you wrote:
>Ginny, how do you get away with eating that stuff?  Do you bolus just
>before eating it?
>>If you don't mind me asking why can you not have Aspartame?  I've had
>>conflicting stories about it and not sure what to believe.  One doctor says
>>won't hurt me and another says not to use it a whole lot because Im
>>getting pregnant once my sugars are level.
>>Ginny Kloth wrote:
>>> I am so thankful for my dual wave MiniMed 507c.  A few months ago when I
>>> still on the Disetronic pump I couldn;t eat anything like cereal and milk.
>>> I now am able to eat Frosted Flakes and milk..OHs! and Milk and Special
>>>K with
>>> 1/2 banana!!!!! Never could even eat a banana.
>>> I also eat potatos,and carrots and a doughnut once in a while (I am
>>>eating one
>>> now)
>>> The pump gives me freedom and this new one gives me more freedon.
>>> Since  am not able to use aspartame I now once in a while add 1/2
packet of
>>> sugar to my decaf coffee and the other night when we went out for
suppoer I
>>> treated myself to a small reg coke. I get tired of drinking water all of
>>> time.
>>> I enjoy coated chicken and now I can have my chicken and potatos too.
>>> Ginny
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