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Re: [IP] basal rates

> I am having a terrible time right now with my daughter's #'s...
>.  I wanted to check her
> basals today but the HOWTO says that it needs to be a "vanilla" day
> with no highs or lows.  Well we haven't had one of those in a couple
> of weeks. 

Don't be so rigorus, just do your best. Your daughter's schedule 
needs to be stable to get good numbers. A week off, lying around the 
house is going to make bg's run higher. You'll get used to the 
changes and compensate accordingly. Pumping Insulin says that nights 
are the most important time to try and stabalize but I think you can 
start with any relatively stable portion of the day. Ya gotta start 
somewhere, it's like eating an elephant. It's hugh!!! but a bite at a 
time will eventually make it disappear. Don't try to do too much at 
one time. It took 4 weeks once to get a good set of profiles on Lily. 
We would get repeatable data for a a small time period and a 
reasonably vanilla day maybe only once or twice a week. As each new 
time period was stabalized, the whole thing got easier to do. Yeah, 
we're doing it again right now.... oh well.....
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