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Re: [IP] Has anyone else had this problem

I have a similar problem and with the help of a woman at Minimed I have
overcome it. I will share and hope it helps you.
I am not able to use IV prep..
Here goes.
Before insertion I use the the IV3000 with the hole in it and put that down
first..then I leave the white tape thing on the soft set because that sticky
stuff gives me blisters that ooze so cannot use that directly on skin. I
soft set and then I take a regular IV3000 square fold it in half and cut a
small half round out of it and put that on to secure softset. I found it works
better to cut the hole out then to just stick it over.
If you have questions or if this doesn;t seem clear please email me ok?

At 03:57 PM 4/5/99 , you wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem.  I have tape and 
>Latex allergies.  I use to use the quick release and polyskin then I went
>the pump because i was getting blisters.  I went back on with the comfort 
>(tenders or siloettes)  but I'm getting the blisters agian.  I've tried the 
>skin and iv preps but they just make it worse.  I cleanse my skin with 
>hibacleanse and alcohol before hand.  And then the adhesive remover and
>juice afterward.  I use to only keep my sites for two days but this is now 
>happening after a half a day.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I don't want to 
>go back to shots and give up the control i have now.
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