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[IP] basal rates

I am having a terrible time right now with my daughter's #'s.  Last week was 
the first week of track and she had a lot of lows last week, but I didn't 
touch her basals.  Friday Easter vacation started and she has been high the 
whole time (between 200-300).  I have been uping her basals for these but 
still running high.  Now track starts tomorrow and I don't know if I should 
lower her basals back down.  I don't want her to have a bunch of lows.  I 
wanted to check her basals today but the HOWTO says that it needs to be a 
"vanilla" day with no highs or lows.  Well we haven't had one of those in a 
couple of weeks.  So my question to all of you "experts" out there is what 
should I do to get these #'s straightened out.  I am going CRAZY over this!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Anne (mom of 13 year old pumper)
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