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Re: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus no

In a message dated 4/5/99 12:53:23 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< .I've noticed that fast foods like Pizza, Chinese food, and Taco Bell 
 effect my blood sugars differently even though I count the carbs..My ratio 
 1unit for 8 carbs.  Taco Bell's info says 1 regular taco is 12 carbs.  If I 
 eat 2 tacos this is 24 carbs and I bolus 3 units.  (24 divided by 
 I will still find a rise in my blood sugar....Will the dual wave help me 
 this? >>

Hi Cindy

My "Nutrition in the Fast Lane" book says a regular taco at Taco Bell also 
has 11 grams of fat in it. Fat slows down the absorption of carbohydrates so, 
yes, I would expect a rise in BGs after eating fatty foods such as tacos, 
Chinese, pizza, etc., because your insulin is "fading out" before all the 
sugar gets absorbed. 

What I do is program my MM 507C for a square wave bolus. I take a little more 
than half up front and spread the rest out over a couple of hours. i.e., for 
two tacos, I would take about 1.8 units and program a square wave for the 
remaining 1.2 units over the next two hours. As they say, YMMV. So experiment 
a bit. :-)

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