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Re: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus no

I am so thankful for my dual wave MiniMed 507c.  A few months ago when I was
still on the Disetronic pump I couldn;t eat anything like cereal and milk.
I now am able to eat Frosted Flakes and milk..OHs! and Milk and Special K with
1/2 banana!!!!! Never could even eat a banana.
I also eat potatos,and carrots and a doughnut once in a while (I am eating one
The pump gives me freedom and this new one gives me more freedon.
Since  am not able to use aspartame I now once in a while add 1/2 packet of
sugar to my decaf coffee and the other night when we went out for suppoer I
treated myself to a small reg coke. I get tired of drinking water all of the
I enjoy coated chicken and now I can have my chicken and potatos too.

At 10:58 AM 4/5/99 , you wrote:
>Ok Michael, I'm going to call you on this one :-)  If I eat Frosted Flakes
>my bg goes up within 15 min.  Its easy for anyone to test.   All that sugar
>is absorbed quickly, some of it even before it gets out of the stomach.
>I'm not sure what you mean by "complex sugars" but starch is surely
>considered to be a complex sugar.  Starch is just made from sugars linked
>together, and all starches take time to be broken down (differences depend
>on type as documented by the glycemic index).   Lactose becomes glucose
>too, but I'm not sure of the dynamics of this conversion.
>>  The lactose in the milk
>> raises my BG fast and the c Meals w/ significant protien cauz my
><<<<<<<<More likely the cereal is to blame. Highly refined grains turn
>quickly to glucose when eaten. The common "sweetened" kid cerals will
>actually take longer to get into the blood stream because the comples
>sugars used take up to 2 hours to be converted to glucose whereas the
>starch is converted in a few minutes. The more refined the cereal,
>the easier it is for you body to quickly convert it to glucose. Try
>something like Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops, they usually take
>longer to digest.
>Michael <email @ redacted>>>>>>
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