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Re: [IP] insulins

FDA also approves the pharmacueticals and medical devices and what can and
cannot be used in them.

At 09:10 AM 4/5/99 , you wrote:
>Well, what does the FDA approval mean anyway?  They are only interested in
>the safety of the drug, and Humalog is already approved for that.   The FDA
>hasn't approved humalog for use in those new 31 g syringes either.  So?
>The new (5 years old) pump tubing doesn't promote clumping of insulin, and
>the stability at room temp in the pump does not seem to be a problem.  My
>endo , who has written books on diabetes care, and is a big fan of the
>pump, recommends H in the pump, as do many other endos.  All of his pumpers
>start on H.   So I would say that Humalog works well in the pump, and is
>the recommeded starting insulin.
>>Answer as it is written is incorrect. Velosulin is the only insulin
>>approved by
>>the FDA for use in insulin pumps.
>>Many pumpers do use Humalog quite successfully in their pumps. However, it
>>not been tested by Eli Lilly for use in pumps, nor has the FDA approved it's
>>use in insulin pumps.
>To follow up what Bob has said, although it is not officially approved in
>the U.S. by the FDA, over 80% of the people that have filled out our survey
>form (on our web page at
<http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/>http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/) are
>using Humalog in their pumps. Since it looks like you're in Canada, our FDA
>approval probably has no meaning for you. I don't know what the Canadian
>official position is.
>* Wayne *
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