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Re: [IP] insulins

Well, what does the FDA approval mean anyway?  They are only interested in
the safety of the drug, and Humalog is already approved for that.   The FDA
hasn't approved humalog for use in those new 31 g syringes either.  So?
The new (5 years old) pump tubing doesn't promote clumping of insulin, and
the stability at room temp in the pump does not seem to be a problem.  My
endo , who has written books on diabetes care, and is a big fan of the
pump, recommends H in the pump, as do many other endos.  All of his pumpers
start on H.   So I would say that Humalog works well in the pump, and is
the recommeded starting insulin.

>Answer as it is written is incorrect. Velosulin is the only insulin
>approved by
>the FDA for use in insulin pumps.
>Many pumpers do use Humalog quite successfully in their pumps. However, it has
>not been tested by Eli Lilly for use in pumps, nor has the FDA approved it's
>use in insulin pumps.
To follow up what Bob has said, although it is not officially approved in
the U.S. by the FDA, over 80% of the people that have filled out our survey
form (on our web page at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/) are currently
using Humalog in their pumps. Since it looks like you're in Canada, our FDA
approval probably has no meaning for you. I don't know what the Canadian
official position is.

* Wayne *

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