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Re: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus not to work.Any ideas?

You've got to figure in the protein, since some of it is converted to sugar
over several hours.  The amount varies a bit with the kind of protein, and
everyone is a little different.   But you may need as much as 0.5 to 1 U
insulin for each ounce of protein.   That's a lot of insulin, and you've
got to figure for it.   I usually bolus for this 1 hour after eating.  If I
don't, then the BG will stay high like you say.

<<<<I just started the pump about a month ago.  I have noticed that any meal
that I eat that at least on major item in it that is protien like
chicken w/ dinner, milk w/ breakfast..whatever, my blood sugars stay in
the 200's for several hours.
If I eat breakfast bar that is just carbos (maybe trace protein) then
take normal bolus, same as above, and later bsugars are perfect,
couldn't get any better.>>>>

* Wayne *

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