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Re: [IP] Re:bolus when low

> My 8 yr old son has been on the pump almost 2 weeks and WE LOVE IT! 
> It has made all the difference in the world in his numbers and his
> obsession with food.  So far, each infusion set has worked
> beautifully-yeah! One question-  when my son is low and eats, how
> much less bolus do we give than normal?  He takes 1 unit per 20
> grams carb.  Is there a formula for that sort of thing?  Thanks. 
> Kate

First treat the low with glucose and determine that he will not drop 
further in the near term. You need to check that the 20/1 ratio is 
fairly accurate. There are several HOWTO's on the web site that deal 
with ratios. Care should be taken when checking kids. The techniques 
discussed in the HOWTO's are for adults so the measurements etc.... 
need to be scaled down appropriately.

Basically you use the same kind of caculation you would use for 
unused insulin and extrapolate the expected decrease in bg's 

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