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Re: [IP] insulins

>  Tara wrote:
>     I am currently using Humalog and am wondering if I can continue
>     to using Humalog when I begin pumping?

> Tom   email @ redacted wrote:
> Yes you can, Tara its the only type approved for pump use.

Actually, the only insulin specifically approved for pump use is 
Velosulin BR, made by NovoNordisk. Velosulin is a buffered 
regular insulin. Many other regular insulins as well as Humalog are 
used in pumps, the most common being Humalog. Humalog is used by 
approximately 80% of pumpers surveyed at Insulin Pumpers. You can see 
that information and much more on the 
ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page of the web site. First button upper left.


> Tom   email @ redacted 
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