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Re: [IP] infusion set change

> Tomorrow mornin I'm goin to be makin my first infusion set change.
> 1. I'm usin the D comfort set.  Is all I have to do is change the
> "business end"  of it?  The tubing can remain on the pump. No?

> 2. Do
> I leave the old needle (actually it's plastic) in until I'm ready to
> hook up to the new end or what? 
Actually, you should leave the old set in place for at least 2 hours 
if you use Humalog, or 4 hours if you use regular of Velosulin. When 
you remove the old set prior to that, some of the insulin infused 
may leak out of the wound resulting in a "mysterious" high bg. This 
technique prevents that from happening and is not known to many pump 

> 3. Are there any recommendations re:
> removing the old one?  Or just pull it out? 

Yep, unless you'd like to look like a pincushion after a few weeks.


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