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Re: [IP] infusion set change

At 04:33 PM 4/4/1999  footprnt wrote:
>Tomorrow mornin I'm goin to be makin my first infusion set change.
>1. I'm usin the D comfort set.  Is all I have to do is change the 
>"business end"  of it?  The tubing can remain on the pump. No?
>2. Do I leave the old needle (actually it's plastic) in until I'm ready to 
>hook up to the new end or what?
>3. Are there any recommendations re: removing the old one?  Or just pull 
>it out?
>Thanks in Advance
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You need to turn HTML formatting off on your Email program.  Because of 
this setting, a lot of people on this list cannot read your posts.

To configure Outlook Express to always send your messages in Plain Text. To 
do this:

        1 - Go to Tools, Options, Send.
        2 - Make sure the "Plain Text" setting is selected.
        3 - Save the changes.


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