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Re: [IP] Need help for unexplained bg

  I also have a sore throat and
>running a temp tonight.  Can it be because of the throat? My bg was down
>tonight.  Will this keep me from being trained?  Also does diabetes make you
>more susceptible to colds and stuff? 

Donna any time that you are sick it usually takes more insulin to control
the Sugar levels even if you don't eat.  So if you were coming down with
something your sugar is likely to raise.  on the susceptibility part.. i
think that varies from person to person..  for me i rairely get sick but
when i do it is usually VERY sick.  I work in a hospital and i bet i have
built up a large resistance to alot of stuff.. also your control level
probably has something to do with your susceptibleity.

hope that helps.

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