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[IP] Need help for unexplained bg

I am not on my pump yet, should be trained Wednesday and on Insulin the
following Monday.  This weekend I went out of town and stayed at a motel that
didn't have room service.  We woke up late and realized the time change and had
only a short time to get ready and leave.  We opted to skip breakfast but I
needed to take my Ultralente anyway, so I checked my bg and it was elevated
needed to come down about 60 points (needed to be 90)  I took my 27 units of U
and 2 units of Humalog, two hours later it was up to 171.  I didn't eat anything
that morning and thought my bg would go down.  I also have a sore throat and
running a temp tonight.  Can it be because of the throat? My bg was down
tonight.  Will this keep me from being trained?  Also does diabetes make you
more susceptible to colds and stuff? 

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