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In a message dated 4/4/99 1:12:38 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<<< I have been using a paraffin bath for my aching hands >>
I'm not familiar with a "paraffin bath".  What is this???>>

A paraffin bath is a container in which paraffin wax is heated for heat 
therapy.  You can soak in it or use it to coat the offending joint with wax 
and wrap it to keep it warm for awhile.  I bought mine through Preston-Samms 
medical supply house, but they are common, the cheaper kinds costing 
$100-200.  An occupational therapist I was seeing recommended it, and I find 
it helpful during flareups of joint pain.  A therapy with good side effects, 
i.e. the soothing of the skin.  I have also used it successfully on my 
cracked winter heels.

Linda Zottoli
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