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Re: [IP] Set changes and pump change

I don't think I am able to asnwer all of your questions but I will try to
explain some things which I have learned over th past 4 1/2 yrs pumping.
I was switched from Disetronic V100 to MiniMed 507C because the M pump has the
sqaure wave and dula wave bolus feature. In my case when I was using the D
the "instant bolus" was not working for me.  I was upset when my doctor said I
needed to change pumps. I was used to the Disetronic pump but it wasn;t
me.  I have digestive problems so the insulin would be there right away but
not covering me 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. I have chronic severe pain and also TN
pain and a bunch of auto-immune diseases so every time I am in a flare or if a
flare lasts a long time along with the pain my BGs go up..and I was not in
control on the Disetronic pump. I was recenntly started on the MiniMed and my
blood suagrs are now under 200. Before we could not get them under
250..SInce I
am never pain free we do not know if there can be better  BGs but this is
really better than what I was.
I also didn't want to giver up the comfrot zone I *thought* i had with the
Disetronic pump.
Well I had a few rough days on the MiniMed and fought it and complained to the
list about it. Now..my MiniMed is great for what my needs are and that is what
you need to think about..your needs..I think everyone comes to that
decision..one pump is not better then the other..I wish the Disetronic pump
company would upgrade and put in a varaibel bolus feature but right now they
don't have that and I NEEDED that so it is out of need I am on MiniMed but now
I wouldn't go back to the Disetronic.
So it all depends..
Also as far as service. I use my MinMed Rep..she has been Wonderful She
spent a
whole day with me and has had follow up calls. We spent the day at my doctors
office so she could get OKs to make changes,..
I am comfortable with the sounds of the new pump and now it is if I have had
this one all along.
As I said....you need to look at your needs..how your body uses foods..( done
by testing).
If your BGs are high 3 hours after an infusion change give yourself a bolus
check. Do you expect a problem? If after an hour you do not see any change in
BGs give yourself a shot and then change the set up.
Whatset ups are you using?
Before I chage a site I test my BGs and give me a bolus if necessary..
Sometimes I take a pump break for a couple of hours and I will do the same
I use the soft-set QR and am having good success with them but again this
is an
individual thing. I had a really hard time at first using the soft set
but now it is just part of the routine. It was difficult I think because of
size. It looks like a very large finger pricker.. Now it is a breeze.
Your pump will be with you for a very long time so choose the one that you
will work best with you. It is a tool..you have to work with it.
And go from there. I am now able to do a complete set up change in 5 minutes
and in the car even as hubby drives ;)
Even on pred I am under 200 ..when I was on the distronic I could never get
under 300. this is how much difference the dual wave bolus makes for me and I
feel better.
I think I have chatted too long..
No matter what pump you decide on it will be the best one for you.
PS the clicking no longer bothers me..I don't even hear it really anymore.

At 06:20 PM 4/4/99 , you wrote:
>Hope all who celebrated had a Happy Easter.  I just did my fourth set change 
>and have gone from 1 hr and 30 minutes to 20 minutes.   Thanks to all who 
>gave me encouragement.  One question I have is that if my sugar is high 3 
>hours after a change (so far it's been good), do I just change the insertion 
>part or do I have to start from the very beginning with filling the 
>reservoir, etc.?   My other question (I hope no one gets too upset), I have 
>been using the MM 507C and find it quite easy to program.  My insurance co 
>had told me that they would only pay for the MM and later on said they would 
>pay for the D (100%) also.  This of course was after I started on the MM.   
>The D rep came over and left me with a loaner pump to play with.  My biggest 
>concern with the MM is the clicks which I don't hear most of the time when 
>things are very quiet and you start clicking it kind of drives me nuts.  
>Nowadays everyone beeps (beepers, etc.) so no one pays attention to beeps.   
>I have heard that I have 30 days to return the MM (I also am not thrilled 
>with their service on supplies but do not know whether D would be any 
>better).   Has anyone ever exchanged their pump during the 30 day
period?   I 
>really love pumping and thanks to this group feel very comfortable with
>Also, the D pump infuses much faster than the MM.  Does that make a 
>difference in control?   Ronee
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