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Re: [IP] Set changes and pump change

Hope all who celebrated had a Happy Easter.  I just did my fourth set change 
and have gone from 1 hr and 30 minutes to 20 minutes.   Thanks to all who 
gave me encouragement.  One question I have is that if my sugar is high 3 
hours after a change (so far it's been good), do I just change the insertion 
part or do I have to start from the very beginning with filling the 
reservoir, etc.?   My other question (I hope no one gets too upset), I have 
been using the MM 507C and find it quite easy to program.  My insurance co 
had told me that they would only pay for the MM and later on said they would 
pay for the D (100%) also.  This of course was after I started on the MM.   
The D rep came over and left me with a loaner pump to play with.  My biggest 
concern with the MM is the clicks which I don't hear most of the time when 
things are very quiet and you start clicking it kind of drives me nuts.  
Nowadays everyone beeps (beepers, etc.) so no one pays attention to beeps.   
I have heard that I have 30 days to return the MM (I also am not thrilled 
with their service on supplies but do not know whether D would be any 
better).   Has anyone ever exchanged their pump during the 30 day period?   I 
really love pumping and thanks to this group feel very comfortable with it.   
Also, the D pump infuses much faster than the MM.  Does that make a 
difference in control?   Ronee
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