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Subject: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus not to work. Any ideas?

Hi Jack & April,

Are you counting the carbs in the milk?  The breading on the chicken?  The
tomato sauce on the pizza?  Hidden carbs can add up.  I, personally can't
do cereal and milk.  The lactose in the milk raises my BG fast and the
complex carbs in the cereal keep it there, and there is no fat to slow the
process down!  As for a meal like chicken, breading on one piece can
sometimes be a whole bread exchange.  For instance, in "Fast Food Facts" by
Marion J. Franz, a thigh or breast, original recipe, has 11 grams of carbs,
extra crispy is 16 grams.  If you eat two pieces that is 1.5 to 2 bread
exchanges, a big enough serving to equal all the bread allowed in my diet
per meal.  So forget about the mashed potatoes and gravy.  According to the
same book, 2 pieces of extra crispy chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, cole
slaw and biscuit are a whopping 85 grams or 5.6 bread exchanges.  I don't
know about you but I could wolf that down without blinking!  :-)  As for
homemade fried chicken or "Shake and Bake" 1 tablespoon of flour, corn
meal, etc., is 1 bread exchange.

As for cereal and milk, the carton in my frig says 1 cup of skim milk has
11 grams of carbohydrates-and ther is no fat to slow the absorbtion.  And
for the cereal, have you actually measured out the cereal?  The portion
size on the side of the box would leave a squirrel hungry!  :-)  It's real
easy to misjudge the amount.  If your ratio is 1 unit to 10 grams you are
missing 1-2 units per meal, or more.  Are you starting to get the picture?

So, the amount of protein may affect how food is absorbed but fat is the
bigger indicator.  But I think you might be missing those hidden carbs (The
breakfast bar is "premeasure", so to say, because you eat one bar, which is
one serving, so you just follow the info on the side of the box.) 

I hope this helps!

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 8 months

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 14:41:45 -0800
From: JACK & APRIL MAR <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Meals w/ significant protien cauz my Nbolus not to work. Any

I just started the pump about a month ago.  I have noticed that any meal
that I eat that at least on major item in it that is protien like
chicken w/ dinner, milk w/ breakfast..whatever, my blood sugars stay in
the 200's for several hours.

Example:  Breakfast w/cereal and milk.  I take a normal bolus of 1/10
ratio. 1 hr later bs fine, 1 hr after that 200's and take 2units, 1 hr
later still 200's and like that for another hours or so.  Sometimes
taking 2units each time and only finally starts to budge down after
several hours.

If I eat breakfast bar that is just carbos (maybe trace protein) then
take normal bolus, same as above, and later bsugars are perfect,
couldn't get any better.

Its not just breakfast either.  Any time.  

I have thought of taking square but I don't understand how.  Take half
now, rest in square - but then over an hour? two? Or take it all in a
square, but what about food that digests quicker - I am afraid I would
be high at the beginning before starting to go down as the squareB
worked its way in.

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