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Re: [IP] Questions About Silhoette Infusion Sets Again! and Velosulin?

At 10:49 PM 4/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I think I want to give the Silhoettes another try (I only had the one
>sample that came with the pump) but can a different style set make such a
>difference in glycemic control?  And if my belly is shot, i.e., needing a
>rest, at least for the time being, how do you put one of the Silhoettes in
>your backside?  Does someone else put them in for you?  I thought my
>husband would faint when he saw just the needle from it laying on the
>bathroom counter!  Are there other sites you can use.  I have tried the
>Softset in my arm (too cumbersome) and my leg (too painful!).

You can put the silhouettes in your backside by yourself, of course, the
closer you go to your spine, the harder it is!  I've been using the area
just below my waistline, slightly to the back of my hips for a few months.
There is a range of about 4 inches laterally that I can reach, and I can go
up or down by an inch or two.  You don't want to go too low because then
you are infusing over a major muscle group and that can make your
absorption wacky.  I've found that if I have the set on my hip (not to the
front or back) that I eventually have problems because I sleep on my sides
and end up laying right on the set.  Currently, I'm wearing my set on my
frontside, an inch or so above my waistline, just under my ribcage. (I knew
I was going to be showing somebody my site the last time I changed and I
didn't want to have to pull down my pants in the middle of the coffee shop
to show it to her <g>) I couldn't have used this area with the sof-sets, I
would have hit bone or muscle for sure, but the silhouettes don't go as deep.

Tell your husband that not all the length of that needle goes inside of
you.  A large part of it stays above the surface, in the connection part,
when you insert. (thank goodness!)

Mary Jean

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