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Re: [IP] Minimed supplies in Canada(Tara Dufour)

Tara Dufour wrote:
> How do you insert the Silhouette's?  Is there a metal needles that initially
> is inserted and then comes out like an I.V.?  

Exactly. When you take it out of the package the back side of the base disk
has a wide handle on it that you pull out after the set is in place. This pulls
the "introducer needle" out with it, then you hook up the hose connector to it
bolus 1.0 units to fill the canula.

Does your son find the tape
> holds it in place?  When he takes a shower/bath does he simply disconnect?
> I need to buy one of the thingies that holds the pump. I don't know whether
> to buy a waist one or a thigh thing.  Where does your son where his?

If it's a MiniMed it should have a standard leather case in the kit, which works
the belt included clip. There are other kinds available at extra cost.

Ted Quick
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