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[IP] Alternative Medicine


Since I was "introduced" over 10 yrs. ago to using non-conventional medicine, in addition to
traditional western medicine, I've had the opportunity to try many things.  It's all been a great learning
experience.  I believe most strongly in Chinese medicine since it's been around for so long.  Briefly,
in Chinese medicine the emphasis is on "promoting radiant health and longevity".  Kind of like our
concept of preventative medicine.  I work with a Chinese doctor who is from Beijing and practices
in L.A.  I found him to be the most understanding of my overall afflictions and getting to the root
cause, many of which are based in being a long standing diabetic.
In addition to my  endocronologist (sp?), I've found my way to a medical doctor who has much
background in pharmacology.  His philosophy is to start with herbal supplements and work on
conditions before they manifest in a complication or a disease.  He does prescribe pharmaceuticals
in a very discriminating manner.  You can liken him to Dr. Andrew Weil.
I also believe in daily exercise and daily meditation.
It's been a long journey and a growing one on many levels.

There is so much more and it can get overwhelming, especially now that alternative medicine is
gaining popularity.  So much is out there to lead me to the next step, if and when it's needed!
Let me know if this helps...Debbie Leaper