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[IP] Questions About Silhoette Infusion Sets Again! and Velosulin?

Ok, everybody, I guess I am dumb!  So you don't put a dressing over the
entire Silhouette like you do the Softset?  That's why I couldn't figure
out how to disconnect, the dressing was covering the "split".  I found the
Silhoette more comfortable for a longer period of time and saw a big
decrease in my numbers.  They have been rather high lately.  BUT, I woke up
about 4:00 AM with the terrible itching again!  I took the set out and
replaced it with a Softset, this time putting it in my hip.  Now my numbers
are back up again-upper 100s rather than lower 100s and don't want to come
down. :-(  

I think I want to give the Silhoettes another try (I only had the one
sample that came with the pump) but can a different style set make such a
difference in glycemic control?  And if my belly is shot, i.e., needing a
rest, at least for the time being, how do you put one of the Silhoettes in
your backside?  Does someone else put them in for you?  I thought my
husband would faint when he saw just the needle from it laying on the
bathroom counter!  Are there other sites you can use.  I have tried the
Softset in my arm (too cumbersome) and my leg (too painful!).

Since I am starting to run out of options as far as comfort, all that is
left is that I have become sensitive to Humalog.  I have never heard of
Velosulin.  What is it?  Does it have the same peak time as Humalog?  Does
the maufacturer have a web site where I could read more about it?  And I
hope this is not a dumb question but is it available in the U.S.? (I only
ask because we have so many Canadian friends helping out here on this
maillist and there doesn't seem to be many people using it according to the
stats about members.)  Thanks for all your help!

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