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Re: [IP] silhouettes

Rick uses Silhouettes and doesn't use any other tape, only what is attached to the infusion set.  He has never had a problem with them coming off.  As for swimming, Rick received the sportguard from Minimed as a free offer.  He hasn't used it yet though.  He is not much of a swimmer. 
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Date: April 3, 1999 1:30 PM
Subject: [IP] silhouettes

I am going to be choosing silhouettes, I've heard you need tape to keep it in place.  What kind of tape do I need and do I order it from the same supplier that provides the silhouettes and other supplies?  Also, I like to swim in the summer. Should I buy one of those swimming/sport covers for the pump or just disconnect it before I go in the water? Are the covers 100% waterproof even if I dive deep?