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Hello Pumpers,  A couple of months ago, John Neale asked about a book 
concerning diabetes control and exercise.  I had read about this in the IDAA 
(International Diabetes Athletes Association) newsletter.  I e-mailed IDAA 
and asked about this study and they sent me John Hunt's e-mail address.  He 
is the doctor that is doing this research in British Columbia.  His study, 
when completed, will be printed or reviewed in the IDAA newsletter. This is 
what he mailed back to me:

 Ellen, I have put all your questionnaires into the computer database. I now 
 have to submit them to study to see what they all mean. My interest is to 
 see how much carbohydrate theoretically is burned during an exercise 
 session. If this can be replaced by extra food, the insulin will not need 
 to be adjusted. However, who on earth wants to consume an extra 2300 
 calories just before running a marathon. If the requirements are too great, 
 then adjustment in insulin will be necessary. What are the limits , in 
 practice, of the ability to live with extra food, and beyond what limits 
 does insulin reduction become necessary. My wild guess is that 400 calories 
 worth of exercise is probably about the limit before needing a reduction in 
 insulin. This = a 4 mile walk, run, or equivalent, and is not a function of 
 time, but of quantity of exercise. When I have finished with it, I shall be 
 looking for all sorts of "feedback". I have not heard of anyone approaching 
 it this way before.
 All the best.       John Hunt. >>

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