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Re: [IP] re: exercise help - competitive "stress"...

Delaine wrote:
>         Ted said it well.... what you are seeing is the rise related to
> catecholamines released in response to "stress". 

Maybe we can develop a way to have "mousecholamines" for the "catecholamines"
to chase to keep them busy....... no, guess not. I was just watching 
"An American Tale" you see.......

  *grin* I would expect that blood sugar levels of anyone in these
> situations would be elevated.  Question is... how much?  And what is the
> mechanism that lowers it - increased insulin levels(?), or the non-insulin
> needing pathways that allow glucose to enter the cells for energy during
> exercise.   

I'm pretty sure the body regulates it admirably, to get the energy into the 
cells foruse immediately bywhichever means (or both) that fit the situation.
I really doubt it gives much of a measurable high for very long.

Ted Quick
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