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Re: [IP] silhouettes

> Tara Dufour wrote:
> I am going to be choosing silhouettes, I've heard you need tape to keep it in
> place.  

NO, absolutely not. The base on the set has a large tape firmly attached to
it and doesn't need any help for most people. People who sweat heavily
sometimes add tape over it, but it gets complicated since the disconnect is in
split base, so overtape has to be kept ONLY on the edges.

What kind of tape do I need 

None. MiniMed QR sets need the tape, and can be found at all kinds of places.
It's just bandage tape, after all. Smith and Nephew make several varieties,
but that's about all I can tell yoiu, since I haven't bought any in 4.7 years,
I started using Comforts (aka Silhouettes).

 Should I buy one of those swimming/sport covers for the pump or just
> disconnect it before I go in the water? 

Most people don't wear the pump while swimming. You burn enough glucose to avoid
needing much, if any, insulin. With experience you should find out what works
for you, some people detach the pump and eat to cover the exercise, some do
things, possibly adding a small bolus before starting to swim, and/or checking
occasionally during swimming sessionand treating accordingly.

Are the covers 100% waterproof even if
> I dive deep?

Not absolutely. I don't remember a real rating for the depth capabilities on
the Sportcase, but think it was only 10 to 15 feet, possibly only 8. You can
I don't go swimmimg since I swim like a rock: as soon as I tense up my muscles
get moving my specific gravity (ratio of weight/cubic foot to water's) goes to 
about 1.09.........

Ted Quick
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