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[IP] re: exercise help... lowering basals

Hi Anne,

	Glad you found some of the exercise info helpful.  Regarding your
daughter's difficulties with lows post exercise - it is not uncommon that
metabolism stays elevated post exercise for 5-6 hours, maybe even longer.
In addition, glycogen stores (in both muscle and liver) are being
replenished, adding to the tendency toward post exercise lows.  The other
thing that could be happening (from an exercise physiology standpoint) is
that she is increasing lean body (muscle) mass thanks to the training, which
may also be contributing to what seems to be a decreasing insulin need.
Remember that muscle is a "metabolically active" tissue.  I can't say for
sure that this is what is happening in your situation, but it would not
surprise me.   Are you both noticing the same occurrences with lows on days
that she is not exercising??  If you are reasonably sure that her basals are
set correctly (& to reiterate what has been said in the past on this list,
basal requirements can certainly change, especially in a 13 year old!)
Rechecking those rates periodically is a great idea!  Until you are able to
verify those rates, and particularly if those lows are consistent, I would
certainly lower the basal rates which seem to be giving her the problem (not
necessarily "all") by .1 & see if that makes the difference.  Now *that's*
the beauty of pumping!  Let us know how you make out.  :)

-Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE

>Thanks Delaine for the info on exercise.  My daughter just started track
>week and is having the same problems.  Seems like all of her #'s have gone
>haywire.  She is high after track and then the rest of the day and night
>runs low.  Could it be that we need to lower all of her basals by .01 to
>compensate for 1 hr and 30 min of track a day?.......

>Anne (mom of 13 year old pumper)

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