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Re: [IP] Vanilla breakfast

> Dear Sue,
>    Did Michael ever answer your question about what a "vanilla
> breakfast" is? I was just wondering if that had anything to do      
>  with like say for instance Slim Fast. If you find out could you
> please let me know, I'm interested too.  Thanks, Barb Pisut
Here is a copy of the post

Vanilla: the same as, same old thing, without any extras, without

What ever works on a day to day basis. My daughter claims she always
eats a vanilla breakfast on game days, but then she confess the
occasional indulgence (resturant food ya know) of the "muffin" or
"bagel" she couldn't resist that she normally would not eat at home on
a school day. Our "vanilla" breakfast is a "known" bowl of cereal and
milk or an egg with toast and milk, etc... Something where her normal
bg response is predictable and repeatable. Usually we take ceral, milk
and fruit with us for breakfast or visit a resturant and have toast
and egg. Lunch never seems to be a problem, a fast food burger joint
seems to work.

This approach eliminates the unknown contributed by "new" or 
"different" foods. The bg rise seen is then attributable to "nerves"
and since it is fairly repeatable, Lily will pre-bolus for the
expected rise. This seems to work pretty well. The only problem comes
in when she gets relaxed about things, then the extra insulin has the
"other" predictable effect of causing an immediate low. Oh well.....
then she gets the muffin :-)

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