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Re: [IP] soft-sets

Melvin Abbott wrote:
> Here lately every time I put in a new site it is uncomfortable within
> minutes. It feels like it is sticking me. Also it is  a little sore. Is
> there a another set you can
> use with the soft setter. I weigh 108. Any help would be appreciated.

No, at least not yet. I've heard that MiniMed is working on a new design
for the QR sets that will be more like the Silhouettes, but the Sof-Serter 
or a new version of it will work with them.

Until then the only thing I can recommend is to either get Silhouettes, which
may work better if you are very thin (as I think I understand from your message)
and avoid pushing all the way through the fat layer and hitting muscle below,
which does tend to sting. Otherwise it might work to put the MiniMed sets in 
by hand so you can test the site before pushing it all the way in: sometimes 
a small movement to the side can avoid hitting a nerve, if that's the cause 
of your feeling it.

Ted QUick
email @ redacted
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