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[IP] Video about Banting and Best

Jen Woodall wrote:
> I heard Michael Bliss speak at an ADA National Youth Leadership Congress 
> around 1990.  He was an excellent speaker with a fascinating tale to tell.  If 
> I'm not mistaken, at that time they were producing a program based on the 
> book.  I have never seen it but would love to, if it does in fact exist in video 
> form.

Are you referring to the video "Glory Enough for All" ?   I've seen it,
and it's GREAT!!! It really illustrates what the discovery of insulin
meant, and also shows how unfair the Nobel Prize award was -- of course,
Banting deserved it, but the other share should have gone to Best, not
to McLeod, who apparently only lent them lab space.

I know I'm very grateful for the discovery of insulin -- my grandmother
went on it sometime in the mid 1920's, and she did very well on it for
about 40 years! And it has made my life easier and certainly more
healthy, too!

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