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Re: [IP] Question about using the Silhouette infusion set

Kim Hughes wrote:
> I am back having the "Itchy Belly" problem.  Some of you have suggested
> switching from the Sofset to the Silhouette.  After staring at the needle
> for a half hour I finally got the nerve to insert it!  Now, how do I
> disconnect it to take a shower?  There isn't any info in the literature I
> got with my pump (MM 507c).  Thanks for all your help!

Very much like the way you connected it after removing the "introducer needle".
The connector on the end of the hose hase a wing on each side that clips it 
into the base attached to you. Squeeze the 2 clips toward the center and pull it
straight back, in the direction of the hose.

Was this a single loose sample included in the pump box? The 10 packs always 
have a folder under the first set in the bottom, so I presume you just got
a single loose set to try out?

Ted Quick
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