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[IP] subject headers are cool, and let's reuse our supplies!

> Out of curiosity, I'd just like to ask if anyone here has any tips for
> prolonging a store of supplies?  Probably a question that would horrify
> any doctors reading out there, but it does seem a shame to buy all these
> things and then turn around and throw them in the garbage 2-3 days after
> their first use.

As long as your infusion sights are not irritated, you can change sets less frequently.  I typically change
no more than twice a week, sometimes every 4 days.  That adds up after awhile.  I'm sure there are others
among us who push the envelope farther than that.  I've always thought it a shame that the pump companies
don't sell the bottom section (below the release) of an infusion set separately.  If they did, one could
easily change only that section when necessary, and use a completely full syringe for much longer.


> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] We could save a lot of time if our subject headers were specific
> Personally, I just can't open every
> message unless I'm at least a little bit clued-in as to its contents.  Wouldn't using this area to compose
> a note
> containing the gist of your idea help us process the huge, helpful mass of
> info we receive every day? Does this make sense?

The digest version eliminates the need for some of that.  Just one document, and it's easy to scan.


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